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unstuck in 2023

every year I choose a word. one word to focus on. one word to sneak into my goals and readings and life and learning.

in 2023 that word was unstuck.

here is what I wrote...

unstuck in the everyday normalcy, in the routines, in the way that life seems to just be passing us all by.

unstuck from past mistakes and regrets and fears and trauma.

unstuck in friendships and jobs and places that are no longer meant for me.

letting go of hurtful opinions and words and moments that don’t need to be remembered.

forgiving, myself and others.

clinging to things that bring light and life and love and joy to myself and to others.

here is what I learned about becoming unstuck in 2023

while I no longer feel stuck, I’m still a long ways away from perfecting a lot of these things.

I still love a change in routine, but I’ve learned to find comfort in knowing the plan. I’m embracing life a lot more, actively participating. Putting down the phone, learning to appreciate the calmness, not always taking the photos, accepting that sometimes a memory is just for myself and not for the feed.

I no longer dwell on mistakes and regrets and things I can’t change. They become lessons along with the things I fear and the moments I feel anxious. An opportunity to rework each one into my character, who I am and who I’m becoming.

I learned quickly that you can’t actually be stuck in friendships, jobs, or places that aren’t meant for you. When the time comes to move on, you will.

Now, letting go of hurtful opinions and words and moments, can be a bit more difficult. These things will haunt you if you let them. Whatever you do, don’t let this be an excuse to hide who you are. Not everyone has to agree with you all the time. As long as you are walking in love, keep going.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Always forgive. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. When I choose to forgive myself or someone else, I feel more empowered. 

clinging to things that bring light and life and love and joy to myself and to others.

this. always.

thank you 2023 for teaching me so much. for breaking me out. for tearing me apart and for putting me back together. thank you for allowing me to become unstuck in the ordinary and stuck in the extraordinary.

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Jan 17

You are so amazing 🤍

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