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"with only the knowledge of what she remembered from VBS when she was 8"

Good News Productions, International exists to bring the Gospel to every tribe and tongue through the use of visual, audio, and digital media. They have regional centers and Nomad teams working to achieve this goal all across the world.

And I was lucky enough to get to join one of them.

People keep asking me how I got here.

And I would be lying to you if I said it had anything to do with me.

The truth is, it was all God.

(Cliché I know, but hear me out.)

This naive girl boldly reached out to a company with only the knowledge of what she remembered from VBS when she was 8 and an email she found on google.

I had no idea what I was asking or what was in store, but I just kept saying yes. Yes, to the opportunities God was providing to me. Yes, even though I didn’t understand His plan or know what was in front of me. Yes.

I said yes to His plan for my life and I was overwhelmed by how good it was.

It wasn’t until I was halfway across the world from everything I’ve ever known that all the “yeses” had finally caught up to me. I laid in bed that night and thought, “what in the world did a just get myself into?” (Seriously check out Faith in a Foreign Land)

But that next morning I walked into GNPI-Africa, a little shakey with a stomach full of butterflies, and I was flooded with relief from smiling faces and friendly greetings, and I realized that this is where God wanted me.

Over the next few weeks, these strangers turned from colleagues to friends. I watched as they worked with such passion and love for others. They weren’t just producing gospel films, but they were pouring into and praying over these films and those that would one day see them. I watched as the work they were doing would go on to impact many lives around them, including mine.

See, GNPI isn’t just a company going through the motions.

GNPI works every day out of meaning and intention. They serve with purpose. Each employee has a passion to create good work, not to glorify their own portfolio or resumes, but to glorify God. They pray over people and projects and plans and they trust that God will provide. GNPI takes what God has given them and they give it to the world. They work to spread the Good News across the globe so that no one is left behind.

I know because they didn’t leave me behind.

So, I’m writing this from the back of the cab, as all of the emotions hit me, to say thank you GNPI-A for welcoming me in and for teaching me so much more than graphic design. The work you are doing is incredible and it truly changed my life, just as I know that it has also changed, and will continue to change so many others.

To find out more about Good News Productions, International visit:

To learn more about GNPI-A and the work they are doing visit:

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