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go vote, but do it kindly

I hope when you voted today (or any other day) that you felt loved.

I hope you know that you are loved regardless of which box you checked on the ballot.

That you are loved even if we have different political views.

I hope you know that regardless of the outcome of today’s election that you are valued.

Your vote may count in this election, but your life counts so much more!!

I hope you choose to live in freedom. Not just the freedom of our country, but the freedom from our sins that God grants us every single day.

Today, we are voting for a president, but we already have a Savior.

A Savior who created and deeply loves the democrat and the republican.

The believer and the nonbeliever.

The gay, the straight, the bisexual, the transgender.

The life of the unborn and the life of the mother.

The disabled, the homeless, the immigrant, the addicted.

The black, white, brown, and every color and life in between.

Live in the freedom of knowing that you are so loved!!

Despite who the President is.

And I hope you choose to show love and kindness and compassion when the results are finally in.

Choose to live in a way that brings hope to every single life around you, even if it looks different than yours.

The power isn’t in how you vote, it’s in how you love.

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