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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

You know, the brand that was given to YOU by the creator of the universe.

In graphic design, we help different companies, businesses, organizations, etc. create their brand. A brand is the overall image that a consumer identifies in response to a company’s product or service. Often times, when we think about a brand, we might first think of a logo, or colors, or a font that is often associated with a specific company. For instance, when we see the colors red and yellow, or even the golden arches, we may be reminded of McDonalds. That is because McDonalds has worked hard to create their brand.

However, this is not the only thing that a brand consists of. A brand can also represent feelings or emotions, expectations, relationships, and even memories. The cleanliness, organization, customer service, standards and morals can also affect a brand. These things can often add value to or take value away from that brand. For example, if you went to McDonalds and had really bad customer service and the floor had been dirty, you would probably be hesitant to go there again. Because of these flaws, the value of their brand has now been sabotaged.

BUT good news friends, the value of YOUR brand cannot be sabotaged.

God loves us DESPITE our flaws.

When we find our worth in God we can stop placing our value on the brand that we attempt to create for ourselves, and we can find comfort in knowing that our identity is in Him. We can stop obsessing over the Pinterest perfect homes, the likes on our selfies, and the spring break bodies, because He finds us valuable just as we are.

The creator of the universe knows us better than we know ourselves. He sees our past, our present, and our future, and believes we are valuable anyways. God knows every mistake I’ve made, and every mistake I will make, but yet, He is still SO, SO good to me.

We don’t have to sell ourselves, because the truth is we have already been bought. And for the most WORTHY price!

Jesus Christ died on the cross and our sins are forgiven. So, forget the bad customer service and the messy floor, God loves us anyways.

The brand that was created for you, by God, cannot be sabotaged.

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