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Most people think that internships are full of coffee runs, bossy supervisors, and overlooked potential. Being overworked and underpaid, all while trying to decide if this is what you’re really supposed to be doing.

But the truth is, you have what it takes. You are exactly where you are suppose to be and you’ve spent the last four years preparing for exactly this. So, don’t be afraid to take the risk.

Take the risk and you’ll get so much more than a job experience.

The purpose of an internship is to give you a sneak peak into the real world. It’s where you get to apply everything you have been learning in the classroom to your resume. You will grow and improve, all while learning new skills and developing your passions.

And while all this is true, what they don’t tell you is that you will also learn things completely outside of your diploma.

No one told me that I would meet some of the best people, or that my communication skills would quickly mature. Being surrounded by strangers who speak a different language can be overwhelming at first, but you’ll quickly realize that language isn’t the only form of communication. You’ll find that kindness, patience, and laughter will get you so far, and that incredible friendships will form despite the differences.

I wasn’t warned that I would experience life from a whole new perspective. You won’t just travel to new places, but you’ll learn about new history, culture, and ways of life. And in doing so, you’ll learn more about yourself and what you’re capable of.

You’ll find yourself living outside of your comfort zone.

The world around you will become so much bigger and you’ll find a sense of independence, freedom, and bravery.

And with these things you’ll learn how to be a problem-solver, how to accept change, and keep an open mind. You’ll learn to appreciate the things around you, and live everyday fully.

You’ll find yourself lost in a strange city with no cell service and an Uber driver who doesn’t understand English, and you’ll realize that getting lost doesn’t have to be scary.

Sometimes you have to take a risk in order to find what’s important.

What they don’t tell you about your internship, is simply because they can’t.

You’ll just have to find it for yourself and take the risk.

Lot's of love for GNPI-Africa and Pitt State <3

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